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What Does Your Heart Rate Indicate?

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You can sense your heart beating if you place your hand on your chest or on your wrist. In fact, the rate at which your heart beats conveys a lot about your health.

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Do you know how heart rate is determined? Well, the number of times your heart beats per minute is the heart rate.

Generally, when people are in a resting position, the heart beats for 60-80 times a minute. In some rare cases, it might beat 100 times a minute. But when the number is very low or very high then it could be a warning.

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If that is the case, then here are some probable reasons behind that.


Tip #1

People who suffer diabetes may also have abnormal heart rates. Also, diabetics tend to be inactive and this could also cause abnormal heart rate.


Tip #2

Lack of exercise could also elevate heart rates. Even obesity is dangerous. Excess fat in the body can make your heart work harder to send blood to all parts. When you frequently workout, your resting heart rates tend to come down to a healthy level.


Tip #3

Even dehydration could sometimes mess up. When your body lacks enough of minerals like magnesium, calcium and potassium, your heart rate may increase.


Tip #4

When you are stressed out, your blood pressure may increase and your heart can beat faster than normal. Therefore, chronic stress is bad for your heart in the long run.


Tip #5

Even your thyroid function could also impact your heart rate. Consult a doctor to diagnose the exact reason if you find abnormal heart rates.


Tip #6

If the heart beats very slowly, then it could be due to some issue with the electrical system that generally makes your heart tick.


Tip #7

Drugs can alter your heart rate. Some medicines, caffeine, drinks, foods, tea, chocolate and energy drinks may alter the heart rate sometimes.

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