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Tips To Restore Digestion

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Many health issues are a result of digestive problems. Also, indigestion could lead to the accumulation of toxins in your body.

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There are certain enzymes that are responsible for certain digestive activities. Imbalances could disturb both digestion and metabolism.

Your digestive system can be disturbed by consumption of fatty foods, trying unhealthy food combinations, usage of certain medicines, parasites in your intestines, excessive consumption of dairy products, lack of sleep, anxiety, stress and several other factors.

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Your health, appearance, immunity and strength- everything goes for a toss when your digestive system fails to perform well. Now, let us discuss how to restore digestion.


Tip #1

Sleep on time. Your sleep patterns play a very important role in your digestive processes.


Tip #2

Don't watch TV or your mobile when you are eating food. Distracted eating habits spoil your digestive health.


Tip #3

Try to eat your food on the same time every day so that your body gets used to a stable routine.


Tip #4

Don't rush through your activities as soon as you eat your food. Spend 2-3 minutes resting.


Tip #5

When you eat food, carefully chew every bite of it until the food is properly cut down into paste. Also, eat small quantities of food.


Tip #6

If you wish to eat fruits, eat them either 60 minutes before or after a meal.


Tip #7

It is better to eat nothing after 7 pm in the evening. It is healthy to finish your dinner before that time.


Tip #8

Occasional fasting is also good for your digestive system. Try juice fasting once a month.


Tip #9

While eating a meal, don't drink too much of eater. Just sip some water if your tongue needs a break.


Tip #10

Never eat food in a rush. Eat leisurely and plan your activities in such way that you get enough time to eat.


Tip #11

Drinking a glass of water 60 minutes before and after a major meal helps in digestion.


Tip #12

Your diet should depend upon your body type and metabolism. Consult a nutritionist to know how much to eat instead of comparing your intake with others.


Tip #13

Your moods are important too. Try to calm yourself down before eating food.

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