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Reasons Why You Should Never Stay Hungry

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A new study says that taking an important decision when you are hungry isn't advisable as hunger could affect your decision making abilities.

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A hormone known as ghrelin could be responsible for this. Researchers say that appetite increasing hormones could also make you impulsive.

A person who is fasting or is hungry may fail to think rationally for some time and may tend to act impulsively.

When a person is hungry, certain hormones are said to be secreted in the stomach and they are responsible for this condition.

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Now, let us know the other side effects of remaining hungry for long.


Reason #1

Your cravings increase when you deprive yourself of food. We all know that cravings tend to drive us in an unhealthy way.


Reason #2

When your hunger is not fulfilled on time, you may overeat later on when you sit to eat. This could be due to the excess cravings you experienced.


Reason #3

You may even faint if your body lacks enough resources to make you function normally. That is why we need to eat food on regular intervals.


Reason #4

Your blood sugar levels may get impacted if you eat on irregular intervals. Stable blood sugar levels are safer.


Reason #5

Your energy levels may deplete. You may feel drowsy and dull. You fail to feel motivated.


Reason #6

You may not be able to think properly. You cannot focus on your task. All your mind will think is about food.


Reason #7

Your performance dips. Your productivity will get drastically affected and gradually your health also gets affected.


Reason #8

Your body gets into starvation mode and stores more fat whenever you eat food. That is why it isn't advisable to starve yourself.

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