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When To Drink Water?

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We all know that we need to drink water. But when should you drink water? How much to drink? Well, simply drinking water anytime may not give you the same result.

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Though it is good to drink as much of water as possible, drinking at the right times may help you gain an advantage. There are certain health benefits to that habit.

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Most of us were asked to drink lots of water, but seldom did anyone tell us when to drink. And in rare cases, drinking water at the wrong times may also prove counterproductive. In this post, let us discuss about some of the important times to drink water.


First Thing In The Morning

Drink 2 glasses of water as soon as you wake up. This will help kick-start your organs in the morning. Water activates many internal organs.


Before A Meal

Drink a glass of water at least 30-40 minutes before a major meal. This serves two purposes. It is good for digestion and also curbs your appetite.


Before Your Bath

Some sources claim that drinking a glass of water before going to a shower may minimise your blood pressure.


Before Sleeping

Drinking a glass of water before sleeping is said to reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke according to some sources.


Before Going Out...

Drink a glass of water before your step out into the sun. This reduces the chances of sun stroke due to dehydration.


Before Hitting The Gym...

Drink enough water 30-40 minutes before a strenuous activity like weight lifting. Otherwise, dehydration could affect your performance.


After Meals

After having a heavy meal, wait for an hour and drink a cup of hot water. This is good for digestion.

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