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Signs Of Chronic Anxiety You're Ignoring


Nervousness, tension and worry- if you notice these 3 symptoms regularly then it is time you realise that your anxiety is turning into chronic anxiety. We all worry at times; but not all the time.

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If your worry becomes a constant problem then you have another reason to worry. When anxiety gets intense and disturbs the natural flow of your life, then you may need to take it seriously.

Anxiety may curb your ability to relax. It could affect your mental health and gradually it starts spoiling your physical health too.

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Now, let us discuss about certain signs of chronic anxiety that may go unnoticed.


Sign #1

Unexplained headaches could sometimes mean chronic anxiety. As stress makes your muscles tense, you tend to develop headache and other pains.


Sign #2

Even irritable bowel syndrome could also be caused due to anxiety. Anxiety could affect your digestive system.


Sign #3

Anxiety can cause muscle pain. It can also cause inflammation. Sometimes, when you have unexplained muscle pains, don't ignore that symptom.


Sign #4

If you are craving for sugar whenever you are a bit stressed up, it could be a sign of anxiety too. Your body is trying to escape the distress by eating something pleasant.


Sign #5

Mood swings are common in those suffering form anxiety. When the mind fails to relax and is filled with worry, one may throw the frustration on others.


Sign #6

Lack of focus is another sign. When the mind is restlessly wandering, concentrating on any task becomes very tough.


Sign #7

Fatigue and lack of energy are other signs of anxiety. In fact, fatigue could also weaken your adrenal glands.


Sign #8

It is very tough to sleep if your mind refuses to shut down. Yes, anxiety can cause insomnia.

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Story first published: Friday, May 13, 2016, 13:15 [IST]
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