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Why Do You Feel Sore After Making Love?

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According to estimates, soreness after intercourse isn't uncommon. 2 in 10 women tend to experience it. Dryness or irritation in the private parts is experienced by women who feel sore after intercourse.

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Sometimes, there could be medical reasons and sometimes, it could be a psychological reason behind experiencing pain after intercourse.

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In fact, some women tend to experience headaches and some women even tend to cry after making love. Love making could affect blood pressure and heart rate too. That could be the reason behind headaches but what could cause soreness? Well, let us discuss...


Reason #1

Lack of lubrication could be the culprit. Women who are near menopause could experience this issue more. When the delicate area is too dry, friction could cause pain.


Reason #2

In some cases, lack of proper hygiene could also be the reason. Cleanliness can keep the right balance of bacteria down there.


Reason #3

Sometimes, it could be due to lack of stimulation. Some women need lots of stimulation to make the body ready for penetration. If that is not done properly, it could result in soreness after making love.


Reason #4

Medical issues like IBS, constipation, fibroid issues, pelvic inflammatory syndrome could also cause pain. consult your doctor.


Reason #5

Even allergies could cause pain. If you are allergic to the material of the condom,or allergic to semen, soreness could occur after intercourse.


Reason #6

Certain sexually transmitted infection could also be the reason behind pain after making love. It is better to get medically tested if this is the reason.


Reason #7

Tight vaginal muscles or even hormonal changes could also cause the same issue. Consult a doctor if you are frequently experiencing soreness after intercourse.

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Story first published: Monday, September 12, 2016, 8:20 [IST]
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