Sleeping With Feet Facing The Door Is Unhealthy?

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As kids, we were never allowed to do anything against the wishes, rather superstitions, of our elders. We were told and cautioned to do the right thing at all times.

Most of you would be familiar with the saying, "Don't shake your legs while sitting." or "Never keep an open vessel upside down," etc.

You would have also come across elders deciding which is the right position to sleep in and where the bed should be placed in the bedroom. Though this may sound really silly, it is true that placing the bed in the wrong direction is not good for your health.

According to religious beliefs, it is all the more unhealthy when one sleeps with his/her feet facing the entrance door or, for a matter of fact, any door in the bedroom.

According to ancient beliefs, sleeping with your feet facing the door only attracted death! Yes, scriptures state that when you sleep with your feet facing any of the doors in the bedroom, it could make you fall ill.

It is also linked to the way the dead sleep, which makes this belief all the more stronger for you to believe it to be true.

If you are sleeping with your feet facing the door, here is what you need to do to safeguard your health.

sleeping with feet facing door

Where Should You Position The Bed?
To stay healthy, the bed should be positioned away from the door and your feet should be facing elsewhere.

Why Is It Unhealthy?
While sleeping, the body releases positive 'chi' allover your body that heals you both from the inside and outside; so when the feet is facing the door, all the 'chi' power or vibration would rush out of the room, thus making you fall ill often.

sleeping with feet facing door

What Is Chi?
A body's positive 'Chi' is most vulnerable to the evil 'Chi' when they have an easy access. With your feet facing the door, your body becomes the softest target for an evil 'chi'; which can be fatal to an extent.

sleeping with feet facing door

What Happens To The Soul In The Body?
It is believed that one's soul becomes a defenseless target to the negative 'chi', which attracts them to slide away from the body when the body is resting or in a state of deep sleep. So, sleeping with your feet facing the door will only make your body feel all the more defenseless.

Which Should Be The Correct Placement Of Your Bed?
Be it a bathroom door or a verandah door, a person should avoid sleeping with the feet facing the doors. In case of construction restraints, make sure to place the bed and permanently shut the door; blocking any kind of 'Chi' from entering the room. By following this superstition, you will be able to live a healthier and a better lifestyle.

sleeping with feet facing door

What Health Issue Can This Superstition Prevent?
If you follow this superstition or Feng Shui of not sleeping with your feet facing the door, never again will you witness any pain in your body. You will soon be relieved from headaches and body aches too.

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Story first published: Thursday, February 18, 2016, 10:00 [IST]
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