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Are Your Cortisol Levels Alarmingly High? Here Are Some Signs....

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Though we all perceive cortisol in negative light, it isn't completely bad. It has its own role in our lives. When you are in trouble your cortisol gives you all energy to escape.

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But our bodies release cortisol even for perceived dangers or imaginary worries. If you get stressed up unnecessarily for prolonged periods of time, then cortisol could even damage your body completely.

Your immunity and regular functions of your body get affected due to high levels of cortisol. Even your digestive system and metabolism get affected due to cortisol levels.

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Adrenal glands secrete cortisol. High levels of cortisol could be due to stress, depression, drugs, alcohol and certain issues with adrenal glands.


Sign #1

High blood pressure could also be a result of high cortisol levels. Also, when you are stressed up, you tend to eat junk and that could make your blood pressure worse.


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Cortisol levels could also impact your sugar levels. Your cravings for sweet could also increase.


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High cortisol levels could also cause anxiety, panic, burning sensation in the stomach depression and jitters.


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Unhealthy levels of cortisol could even weaken your muscles and bones. If you experience body pains too often, it could be one sign.


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High cortisol levels may affect your heart in the long run. In fact, stress could also cause heart attacks.


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If you are frequently falling sick then it could be due to high cortisol levels affecting your immunity.


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Frequent headaches and body pains due to stress could also be due to high cortisol levels.


Sign #8

Unless your cortisol levels dip you can't relax and sleep. So, high levels of cortsiol levels may lead to insomnia.


Sign #9

High cortisol levels could also cause bloating, gas, and stomach pain.

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