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Reset Your Liver In 72 Hours!

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Believe it or not, your liver might occasionally need a break. Yes, it works too hard to keep you safe from all the harmful toxins that you bring into the system.

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This is true especially for those who binge drink during the party season. Your liver has to work very hard in order to expel all the toxins and keep your body clean.

Don't feel guilt for how much you have burdened your liver all these days. First, bid goodbye to alcohol and focus on liver cleansing for 3 days. Would it really be enough? Well, something is better than nothing.

In fact, if you are still healthy, your liver can repair itself. You might just need to calibrate your diet for a period of 3 days to help your liver reboot itself. For more details, read on...

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Note: If you are not healthy and if your liver has already become tired of your habits, only a doctor can suggest you what to do next.


Your First Step: Don't Drink

Once you take a break from alcohol, all the toxins are picked up and then sorted out. After that, the toxins are categorised in various ways to be expelled from the body.


Your First Step: No Sugar, Salt & Caffeine

During the expelling phase, your liver might need various nutrients to work more efficiently. Ensure that you don't consume sugary foods or caffeine in that phase.


Day1: Breakfast

On the first day, eat raspberries and blue berries for breakfast. As they are rich in anti-oxidants, they protect your liver.


Day1: Lunch

For lunch, eat an omelet with vegetables like carrot, beetroot and spinach. The vitamins in this diet flush the toxins out.


Day1: Dinner

Enjoy chicken for dinner. Use turmeric in the dish as it can flush out toxins of alcohol fast. Also, your digestion gets better.


Day2: Breakfast

Consume oats with yoghurt for breakfast. Yoghurt contains bacteria that can save your liver from the toxins. The fibre in oats helps in toxic elimination.


Day2: Lunch

Include broccoli soup in your lunch. Broccoli plays an important role in preventing liver damage. Also, it contains antioxidants too.


Day2: Dinner

Enjoy chicken with cauliflower. Cauliflower does a good job in breaking down toxins and clearing them away.


Day3: Food

Eat an omelet with toast for breakfast. For lunch, consume onion soup. Onions have sulfur in them which helps detoxify your system. For dinner, eat steamed rice with vegetables. By then, you will already feel a bit healed.

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