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Why Do You Puke After Drinking?

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The reason why alcohol makes you vomit is because your body is trying to get rid of it when you drink it in excess quantities. Yes, your body sees alcohol as a poison and therefore tries to throw it away when it fails to process it.

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Though a person's tolerance might increase after drinking regularly, when the liver fails to process excess amounts of alcohol, it makes you vomit.

Yes, alcohol is also a poison. Your body will be able to process it only if you drink small quantities of it. In some people who are intolerant to alcohol, certain symptoms of alcohol poisoning might also occur.

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Vomiting, confusion, seizures, loss of coordination, irregular breathing, unconsciousness and even vomiting blood could be some of the symptoms of alcohol poisoning. Read on to know more...


You'll Lose Balance

Soon after a few drinks, alcohol will start affecting your brain and this will make you lose your balance as your brain fails to perform properly.


Irregular Heart Rate

In some people, alcohol also impacts both the heart beat and breathing patterns and this could lead to a dangerous situation.



Your body temperature will drop and this condition is called as hypothermia. In fact, that is why a cold shower after drinking isn't advisable.


Stomach Gets Irritated

Alcohol irritates your stomach and may make you puke. It is important to eat something before you drink.


Disturbed Sleep

It disturbs your sleep patterns as your body shuts down but your brain goes restless causing disturbed sleep and fatigue.



Also, alcohol impacts your blood sugar levels and in rare cases could cause seizures too.



Alcohol dehydrates your system. Prolonged periods of dehydration could affect the brain. In fact, drinking coffee isn't advisable after alcohol consumption.

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Story first published: Monday, April 18, 2016, 8:45 [IST]
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