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Drink Warm Water This Summer

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When you feel very thirsty, you crave for cold water. You tend to drink lots of cold water in the hope to feel refreshed. But is cold water good for health?

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In fact, cold water slows down your digestive system and is also not good for your overall health. Drinking warm water is healthy.

Some of us also have the habit of eating a meal along with a cold drink. This habit is even worse. Do you know the fact that your body needs to raise the temperature of the water a bit before dealing with it.

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So, some amount of energy gets consumed to warm the liquid inside your system and this is a waste expenditure. Drinking warm water regularly will surely help your digestive health. Read on to know more.


Fact #1

When you drink something cold, your body has to first focus on regulating your body temperature. This will slow down the process of nutrient absorption.


Fact #2

Also, the fat content of the food you eat might get solidified when you consume ice water along with a meal. So, this may slow down the fat digestion.


Fact #3

All cold liquids have a tendency to constrict the blood vessels. In fact, your digestive process tends to slow down and your body doesn't get hydrated properly with cold water.


Fact #4

Do you know why you might be prone to develop cold after drinking cold water? Well, cold water could weaken your immunity as excess mucus gets created in your body if you drink ice water after a heavy meal.


Fact #5

Your digestive system gets better and certain enzymes get stimulated if you drink warm water.


Fact #6

Your body will be able to detoxify itself better with warm water. It is good for your kidneys, blood and your skin too.


Fact #7

When you drink warm water, your food will be easily broken down. Also, your body gets hydrated easily.


Fact #8

Your bowel movements tend to get better with warm water. If you have the habit of drinking warm lemon water in the morning, you will know better.

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