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How To Keep Your Body Tight

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If you perform regular workouts, it is enough to tone your muscles and keep your body tight. But still, there are other simple techniques to make your muscles appear a bit tight.

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Generally, loose muscles aren't appealing. They make your body look unfit. A tight physique changes your overall look. Also, when you are ageing, a tight appearance feels more desirable.

Also, you don't need to really work too hard if you wish to appear a bit tight. Spending 10 minutes a day can also do the trick for you.

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If you are already into basic fitness activities like running or jogging, try the simple methods given here to tighten up your body. Also, tightening and relaxing muscles regularly enhances the blood flow in those areas. Now, read on...


Step #1

As usual, warm up a bit. This helps your body circulate blood to all areas and prepare it for activity.


Step #2

Get into the pushup position. Perform 3-4 pushups and get up. When you get up, tighten your chest muscles slightly and hold for 10 seconds and relax again.


Step #3

Perform 3-4 tricep dips using a bench or a chair. Once you finish doing, tighten your tricep muscles for 10 seconds and hold it. Relax them again.


Step #4

Perform a few bicep curls and place the dumbells aside and tighten your arms for 10 seconds and hold it. Release them after 10 seconds.


Step #5

Perform 5 squats and get up. Gently tighten the thigh area without causing any pain to your legs. Hold it for 10 seconds and release.


Step #6

Perform plank for 20 seconds. This is just to tighten your ab muscles.


Step #7

Stretch your whole body for a few seconds. Free up every body part individually to avoid muscular pains.


Step #8

Now, relax your whole system by lying down on the ground and breathing deeply.

By tightening, holding and releasing every muscle of your body regularly, you can give a better appearance to your physique.

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