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What Causes High Blood Pressure?

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High BP or hypertension is a serious disorder which might need medical help regularly. Firstly, what's blood pressure? Your heart circulates blood to your whole body. Your heart actually works like a pump which tirelessly sends blood to every single area of your body till your death.

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When blood is pumped, the pressure which is on the blood vessels is known as blood pressure. Though the ideal blood pressure should be around 120/80 for a normal adult, many other factors play a role when it comes to deciding what's healthy and what's not.

This is because in some healthy adults who are into certain physical activities, the numbers could be more. But if your doctor says that your BP is high, then you might need to take certain measures to keep it normal.

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If lifestyle changes don't work then your doctor might prescribe medication. High blood pressure can be managed through relaxation techniques, good eating habits and sound sleep. Now, let us discuss what causes blood pressure.


Tobacco Products

All kinds of tobacco products could increase the risk of blood pressure. Stay away from them!



Whether you realise it or not, coffee addiction could be as dangerous as alcohol or tobacco addiction. Yes, it could cause stress and also disturb your metabolism. Yes, even excessive consumption of coffee could cause hypertension.



When you experience stress for days together, your blood pressure may increase. Stress is the most dangerous factor that contributes to high blood pressure.



Most of the fast foods, junk foods and other types of foods we eat contain salt. Salt is a very dangerous contributor to blood pressure and reducing its intake is better.



Many studies found a link between alcohol and blood pressure and this is why health experts recommend quitting liquor.



Inactivity levels may affect your arteries. If they lose their elasticity, your blood pressure may increase. Therefore, regular activity in the form of exercise is recommended.



All unhealthy foods that contain preservatives, chemical additives and refined flour are unhealthy to your system and should be avoided to prevent blood pressure issues.

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Story first published: Monday, April 18, 2016, 13:37 [IST]
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