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Reasons Your Manhood Pains In Bedroom

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During early adulthood, men seldom control their passionate fire inside the bedroom. Sometimes, they end up enjoying ecstasy but sometimes all they get after a tiresome session is burning sensation inside the organ.

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Why is it so? Well, it could just be soreness due to vigorous moves. But still, men lose peace and over think about the pain. They end up thinking that they may not be able to make passionate love again. But it isn't so as the soreness could just be temporary depending upon the reason behind it.

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Well, what are the reasons behind such a condition? Here are some of the conditions which may cause soreness in male organ....


Reason #1

Sometimes prolonged intercourse could also cause soreness to your male organ. Maybe it needs rest. Overuse or vigorous moves may make the organ sore. Just take a break.Also, first experience could cause soreness.


Reason #2

If you neglect proper hygiene, it could cause inflammation and that could also cause soreness. A white substance gets accumulated inside the foreskin and that could also cause soreness.


Reason #3

Some new angles or experimental moves may also make you organ sore especially if the organ is handled in a rough way.


Reason #4

Even fungal infections could also cause soreness in manhood. You may need a cream to get rid of the pain. Consult a doctor.


Reason #5

Even a tiny tear or a cut in the frenulum could also cause soreness. Such minor tears could occur while you carelessly zip your pants or vigorously make love.


Reason #6

Sometimes, lack of enough lubrication could also cause soreness. This is because friction would be too high without enough lubrication. So, use a lubricant.


Reason #7

If you have the habit of using your hands often, it could cause soreness of your organ as hands are too rough to touch your delicate organ.

Story first published: Wednesday, August 31, 2016, 6:20 [IST]
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