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Women Have A Higher Risk Of Knee Injuries Than Men
The knee consists of the thigh bone, that is, a bottom end composed of two round knobs, sitting on the comparatively flat top end of the shin bone. Unlike the more secure hip joint, which is a ball in a greatly ...
Women Have A Higher Risk Of Knee Injuries Than Men

Common Yoga Injuries & How To Avoid Them
Although yoga originated in India, it's now practised all over the world. More than 30 million people worldwide practice yoga daily. Yoga has a number of health benefits for your body and mind. However, along with benefits, yoga has its own ...
Common Yoga Injuries And How To Avoid Them
Mallet Finger: Symptoms, Causes And Treatment
A mallet finger is commonly considered to be an athletic injury and is also termed as hammer finger. It occurs when the outermost joint of the finger gets injured. The injury makes it impossible to extend or move the fingertips without ...
Mallet Finger Symptoms Causes Treatment Exercises
Sprained Wrist: Types, Symptoms And Treatment
A wrist sprain is a common injury (more so for all sorts of athletes). A loss of balance is sufficient for you to slip and stick your hand out to prevent your fall. However, the moment your hand hits the ground, ...
Pressure Garment Therapy For Burn Scar Management
It can be frustrating for a burn survivor to deal with issues of scarring even after the initial burn injuries have healed. The most common complication of a burn injury is that of raised scars in the area of the original ...
Pressure Garment Therapy For Burn Scars
Marathon: Health Benefits, Injuries & Diet Tips
We often find health enthusiasts running in marathons and covering long distances. Doing so is a great way to burn a lot of calories, but it's not a cakewalk to be a marathon runner. One requires intense training to be able ...
Here Are Some Tips To Stay Healthy During Floods
Two Indian states - Kerala and Odisha- are in the news as they have been badly affected by floods caused due to heavy rains. Floods cause damage to life and property and also end up triggering a plethora of diseases. Mosquito-borne ...
Kerala Floods Here Are Some Tips Stay Healthy During Floods
10 Common Workout Injuries To Avoid
Whatever your fitness goal might be right now, getting injured due to a workout mistake might ruin your lifetime goal. There is something that you could do like fixing your poor posture, which weakens your entire musculoskeletal system and stop overdoing ...
First Aid Mistakes To Avoid
There are some common mistakes in first aid. And most of us tend to do them because we have been seeing everyone following certain practices. But what if such practices are just first aid myths? What if they do have certain ...
Common Mistakes In First Aid
What? Is Ice Bad For Injuries?
Yes, some studies say that ice is bad for injuries. One of the easiest remedy to deal with an injury is an ice pack. It seems to reduce pain instantly and that is why we still use it. But ice delays ...
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