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9 Things That Happen To You If You Are Overweight

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Are you constantly making resolutions to hit the gym and get your weight issues in order?

Do you secretly envy your fit friends for how lucky they are? If yes, then you must already be aware of the negative effects of being overweight.

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Being overweight is no fun, regardless of the age or gender. Apart from the social pressure to be slim and fit, being overweight can also lead to numerous health complications, if not taken care of during the early stages.

If a person is overweight, then it can hamper their social interactions to some extent, as they tend to lose confidence and feel self-conscious about their weight.

Not only that, many people who are overweight tend to get depressed and stress-eat, which only adds to their problems.

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Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is key to solving your weight issues. Following a strict diet and exercise regimen can help you go a long way in the process of losing weight.

To help you get inspired to be back in shape, we have listed a few serious health complications that can happen to an overweight person, which you should certainly have a look at and spread the word.


Type 2 Diabetes

Type 2 diabetes is a disorder, in which the blood cells lose their capacity to use the insulin produced. People who are overweight are more prone to this disorder, as they have fat cells in their body that can reduce the blood's capacity to absorb enough insulin.



Arthritis is a disorder in which the joints become stiff and painful. This condition can be commonly seen in people who are overweight, as the weight of their body tends to apply a lot of pressure on the bone joints.


High Blood Pressure

High BP or Hypertension is a condition in which the blood in the veins flows with an excess amount of pressure, damaging the organs in the process. Overweight people tend to have high blood pressure, as their metabolic rate gets reduced.


Coronary Disorders

Due to the accumulation of fats in the veins, the heart has to work extra harder to pump blood to different organs, so people who are overweight can be more prone to various heart/coronary diseases like heart attacks, heart failure and much more.


Metabolic Syndrome

In people who are overweight, the metabolic rate of the body is very low. This may lead them to develop metabolic syndrome that can harm their immune system and make them more prone to serious health risks.


Gall Stones

The accumulation of hardened fatty fluids in the gall bladder can be common in people who are overweight, as the percentage of fat cells in their bloodstream is very high.



When there is a layer of fat deposits that get built-up in the arteries, they can lead to blood clots that may cause paralysis or stroke in patients. Overweight people are more prone to strokes, as the fat content in their body is high.



Certain kinds of cancers like gall bladder cancer, colon cancer, breast cancer and endometrial cancer can be seen often in people who are overweight or obese.



Being overweight can cause infertility and reproductive disorders, especially in women. Excess of fat in the body is known to affect the production of reproductive hormones.



Many people who are obese or overweight can suffer from clinical depression, as being overweight can lead them to lose confidence and reduce their self-esteem. They can become sad and socially withdrawn.

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