Myths About Migraines

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What most of us don't know is a fact that migraine is not merely a type of headache. It is actually much more than that. It's a disease. And headache is just one symptom of migraine.

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What causes the pain? Well, it occurs due to the vasodilation or expansion of blood vessels and the headache that occurs due to it is caused by the narrowing of the blood vessels.

Also, the inflammation of certain tissues in the head worsens the pain. Other symptoms of this condition may include vomiting, numbness, nausea, inability to speak, pain in the head and even sensitivity to normal light conditions.

A migraine episode may last for hours, days or sometimes in worst cases even weeks. Yes, this condition can be genetic.
What most of us know is the fact that this condition could sometimes turn life-threatening. A medical estimate states that the people who die due to this condition could be more compared to those who die in accidents or murders.

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Now, let us know about the myths about migraines.


Myth #1

The most common myth is that people think migraine is just a headache. But it's a neurological condition which displays headache as one of its many symptoms. In fact, health experts say that in some people, migraine could occur even without a headache!


Myth #2

Some people think that this condition affects only the women but statistics say that nearly 8% of men and 18% of women tend to suffer this condition.


Myth #3

Another myth is that there is no option to save one who suffers migraines. Well, though there isn't any permanent cure, health experts can help a lot in managing the migraine and curbing its symptoms.


Myth #4

Many people think that migraine cannot last for several days. But medical reports say that it can last for days together in some cases. In worst cases, it can last for a month.


Myth #5

Another myth is that we think that a mere headache can't kill us but a migraine can. It could be life threatening. Yes, there could be a link with this condition and stroke. Some people with a specific type of migraine die due to cardiovascular issues.


Myth #6

Another myth- Migraine affects only grown-ups. There are cases where even children suffered migraines. It is better to take the kid to a specialist if a kid displays any symptoms.


Myth #7

Another myth is that people think that stress is the only factor that causes migraine. Well, this is a neurological condition which can be triggered by anything that causes vasodilation of the cranial blood-vessels.

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Story first published: Tuesday, January 19, 2016, 6:06 [IST]
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