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Benefits Of Hydrotherapy

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Hydrotherapy involves using the flow of water to get relief from body pains. A new study says that this therapy can work well for certain types of pains.

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Both temperature as well as pressure of the water plays an important role in providing relief and in stimulating the blood circulation in the body.
Generally, the temperature of the water during the therapy is between 33 and 36 degree Celsius. Certain methods like using water jets, mineral baths and even massaging under water are part of this therapy.

Water jets are used to shoot water on certain areas of the body with some pressure. As the blood circulation tends to change during the therapy, pain and tension get released. It also gives a boost to the immunity, relieves you from stress and also helps detox.

When it comes to the mineral baths, they use various types of salts like Epsom salt, sea salt and magnesium sulfate to flush out toxins, minimise inflammation and rejuvenate the system. Now, let us discuss about the benefits of hydrotherapy.

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Note: If you are suffering from any type of health condition, it is better to consult a doctor before trying any therapy to avoid side effects.


Relieves Muscle Tension

As you tend to feel weightless under water, the tension in the joints and the muscles gets released. Also, this therapy releases endorphins which act like natural pain killers.


Soothes Muscle Injuries

Hot water tends to increase the temperature of the body which also boosts the blood circulation. The flowing blood helps injured muscles heal faster.


Good For Immunity

When the blood circulation gets enhanced, even your lymphatic system tends to work well. This is good for your immunity too.


Detoxes Your System

Your body will be able to flush out toxins well with hydrotherapy. Even steam baths allow you to sweat out and release toxins.


Releases Stress

Hydrotherapy relaxes your body and relieves you from stress. It may also reduce blood pressure which is a result of excessive stress. Also, as endorphins are released, you tend to feel better after the therapy.


Good For Your Skin

In fact, the beauty benefits of hydrotherapy are a bonus to the health benefits. Your skin will look good thanks to the better circulation.


Your Entire System Relaxes

We all forgot relaxation in this busy world. Occasional water therapy might help you ground yourself and stay present with a relaxed feeling.

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Story first published: Sunday, January 17, 2016, 16:22 [IST]
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