Benefits Of Walking Without Shoes

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Have you realised something? We spend most of the time in our offices with footwear and we spend the rest of the time barefoot at home. But the floor at home is covered with tiles. So, the direct contact that we can have with grass, sand and soil is almost cut in our lives.

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In fact, that is why we have lost touch with the ground. A new study says that grounding can help minimise inflammation and enhance sleep quality.

Though most of us find it tough to believe that there are benefits of walking without shoes, health experts support this fact.

Also, you tend to feel more connected to the earth and this gives your a sense of stability. Your stress levels may also minimise. Also, your feet tend to become strong when you walk barefoot. As the circulation in your feet tends to get a boost, your feet stay warm.

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Now, let us discuss more about the benefits of walking without shoes.


Benefit #1

Walking barefoot can help minimise inflammation in your body. What some sources say is that your feet can enjoy antioxidant-effect when they are exposed to the earth and this may help in combating the free radical action in your body.


Benefit #2

If you have ever tried to take a walk in the beach bare foot you might have experienced a boost in your moods. Studies compared two group's moods. One group was grounded and the other wasn't. The grounded group enjoyed better moods and this may help in preventing depression and stress too.


Benefit #3

If you have suffered insomnia, try grounding as it might minimise the cortisol levels and may enhance your sleep. You can also try sleeping on the floor to get the same effect.


Benefit #4

Grounding is said to speed up the healing process in your body. Also, the tissue repair mechanism is said to work well. So, try to go for a walk barefoot and enjoy those benefits.


Benefit #5

A study says that grounding can reduce the cardiovascular risks. It also minimises certain minor issues like bloating, headache, fatigue and stress.


Benefit #6

Of course, you will obviously lose weight when you walk barefoot. As walking is a good and and an effortless exercise, you can try it out.


Benefit #7

You will feel peaceful as your energies stay balanced. Though most of us never realise, our internal forces, when balanced, help us take right decisions and lead a healthy lifestyle.

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Story first published: Friday, January 15, 2016, 7:01 [IST]
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