How To Detox Without Feeling Sick

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Though we all want to detox every now and then to get rid of the toxins in the body, it isn't an easy thing to do. Why? Well, nobody tells us how to detox without feeling sick. When we give up any addiction, whether it is sugar or alcohol, it isn't easy to go through the pain of withdrawal symptoms.

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Your aim is to boost the immunity or get rid of the toxins. But all detox programs show us a set of rules to follow but none of them tell us how to cope up with that uncomfortable phase of withdrawal symptoms. The challenge is to get through the stage where we long to get back to those addictions. 

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In fact, all detox programs fail only because they can't help us deal with the vacuum that we experience when we give up anything. If it is really easy to get through such a phase, all of us would have detoxed on a daily basis. In this post, let us discuss how to detox without feeling sick.


Deal With Sugar First

Sugar might give you an instant high but it is addictive. When you detox, giving up sugar sources is the main challenge as you might feel depressed when you deprive yourself of the regular sugar intake. Eat a fruit but don't touch any other sugar sources during your detox.


Deal With The Dryness

If you are an alcoholic before detox then you might feel that your system is drying out. That is the effect of dehydration. If you carve for a beer, drink as much of water as possible. You won't feel frustrated.


Deal With The Inactivity

Start moving when you are on detox. When you sit or sleep, your cravings may kick in or your frustration may reach peaks. Go for a walk or a run. This helps during detox as you might get that runner's high which might compensate the high that you get through your addictions.


Deal With The Insomnia

Sleep if you are sleepy. Don't even wait for a single minute as sleep boosts your immunity and relaxes your system. In fact, relaxation is what makes your detox phase successful.


Deal With The Deficiencies

Drink as many green juices as possible during detox program as that would supply enough nutrition to your body when you are feeling frustrated. When your body gets enough of what it needs, it might stop craving for what it wants!


Deal With The Emptiness

When you give up any addiction, life feels empty for a while. Though it is temporary, it is tough to deal with that situation. What to do in such a phase? Well, make love. Enjoy quality time with your spouse. That is the best way to deal with your detox frustration.


Reach A State Where You Don't Need To Deal With Anything

If you follow all of the above steps, you might successfully cross the phase of frustration that is a result of the detox program. That is when you reach a state of mind where you are okay without your addictive substances and sugar intake!

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Story first published: Thursday, January 14, 2016, 8:04 [IST]
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