Signs You Are Suffering From Food Intolerance

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When your stomach is upset, the first thing that you try to think of is the food that you have eaten in your latest meal. If you frequently feel sick, then you might naturally wonder about the food stuffs that are triggering such symptoms.

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Food intolerance is nothing but your body's inability to process a particular food. That is why you may suffer from certain issues like stomach pain, diarrhea or any problem related to your digestive system.

The symptoms of food intolerance are more related to the digestive system. This problem is a bit different compared to a food allergy.

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Food allergies are reactions of your body to certain foods. It is a problem that is linked with the immune system whereas food intolerance is linked with the digestive system. When you can identify the exact food that causes issues, you can eliminate it and feel better.

Now let us discuss about the symptoms of food intolerance.


Frequent Visits To The Bathroom

If the foods that you are eating make you visit the restroom too often then you can doubt your tolerance. Consult a doctor.


Skin Rashes

If you are suffering from gluten intolerance then your skin might also develop rashes. If you feel itching sensation then consult a doctor to check whether you are suffering form food intolerance.


Joint Pain

Yes, food intolerance can also cause joint pain. Certain conditions can be worsened due to food intolerance. Gluten, dairy, caffeine and sugar may flare up certain issues.


Stomach Cramps

If you experience stomach cramps because of eating something then you can suspect food intolerance. In some people, even fructose can cause stomach cramps.



Soon after your dinner, if you experience migraine, then you can suspect food intolerance. MSG in your food can cause headache.


Does Milk Cause You Problems?

If you experience any digestive issues after consuming any kid of a dairy product then you are said to have lactose intolerance.


You Say No

When someone offers food you tend to feel like saying no instinctively. That is your body fearing foods that might cause intolerance.

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