What Causes Weight Gain After Marriage?

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Yes, marriage is the best thing to happen in your life and research suggests that a happy marriage can also prolong your lifespan. But why do people gain weight after marriage?

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Well, weight gain after marriage could be mainly due to the lifestyle reasons. A new study says that married couples tend to eat more than singles. And on the other hand, they tend to involve less in fitness activities.

The main focus of this study was to identify the link between a person's BMI and marital status. A higher BMI is dangerous to health as it could increase the risk of health conditions like diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

After studying more than 10,000 couples, researchers have come to this conclusion that marriages can have significant effect on BMI. Also, happy couples tend to binge more and frustrated couples are prone to emotional eating habits.

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Also, a wife generally wants to please a husband and therefore may cook lots of food and a husband would naturally feel like eating the food that was cooked with love. Another reason for weight could be pregnancy. Last but not the least, once a person finds a life partner, he or she would feel assured and this may make them ignore their looks.


Tip #1

The study claims that 89% of the married couples generally cook at home instead of eating out daily. So, if you are cooking at home, choose your recipes carefully and choose low calorie meals.


Tip #2

Use the fridge only for the purpose of storing fruits and vegetables. When you start storing sweets, sugary drinks, pastries and snacks in the fridge, you will gradually get into the habit of snacking too often.


Tip #3

Plan all your discussions during a morning walk. As couples, need to discuss a lot about budget and future, planning those conversations during walks could be the best way to burn the extra calories given by marriage.


Tip #4

If you hate workouts, try to do them with your partner. Even if workouts are boring, doing them with your partner can be interesting.


Tip #5

If you have marriage problems, then refrain from emotional eating. Sorting out things through peaceful discussion is healthier than eating without knowing why you are eating often.


Tip #6

Go for shopping without your car. Try to walk to the shops or the shopping malls, this would save you money and would also act like a workout.


Tip #7

Keep the romance alive. When you have frequent bedroom activity you can burn your extra calories efficiently.

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Story first published: Wednesday, January 13, 2016, 15:30 [IST]
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