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International Dance Day : Can Dance Prevent Depression?

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"Put music to our troubles and we will dance them away", is popular saying which signifies that therapeutic nature of dance.

Dance has been a popular art form that has existed since time immemorial. Like any other form of art, dance too gives an immense sense of pleasure and accomplishment to the performer.

Dancing is also a form of expression that allows the dancers to express their thoughts and feelings in the form of graceful body movements. Some people say that dancing is a true form of beauty and freedom.

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Apart from being an exceptional art form, dance can also be a fun way to spend time, learning new dance moves, exploring various forms of dance, etc, can be made as one's hobbies.

Most of us already are aware that dancing is a great exercise and it allows you to stay physically fit.

Many studies claim that dancing is one way to boost your metabolic rate and allow your body to burn more calories efficiently.

In addition, dancing can also make you look youthful and agile, as it improves blood circulation and the overall health of your system.

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However, did you also know that you can dance your way out of depression?

Yes, it is possible! According to a research, dancing could prove to be an effective therapy to prevent and even treat depression and anxiety.

So, on this occasion of the International Dance Day, let us see how this art form, dance, helps with treating depression.



Like most forms of exercise, dancing releases endorphins in the brain. Endorphins are known as "happy hormones" that work at reducing stress, depression and anxiety.


Serotonin And Dopamine

Dancing regularly helps the brain to produce serotonin and dopamine in optimum quantities. These chemicals are very essential in the treatment of depression.



For people who are depressed due to their weight issues, dancing can prove to be a fun way to reduce weight, thereby making them fit, as well as reducing their depression.


Great Hobby

Many times, people who have no hobbies are prone to depression, as they have no distraction from the mundane life. Dancing can be a great hobby that keeps a person both physically and emotionally healthy.



Extreme work pressure and stress can also lead to depression and anxiety. Taking up dance lessons after work or during the weekends can help you relieve stress and prevent depression.



Many times, being socially isolated and withdrawn can cause depression and loneliness. Joining dance classes or even hitting the clubs to dance the night away with your friends can really help!



A research shows that dancing improves concentration and helps an individual to focus on the present. Practicing dance regularly can help a person to be in the moment and eliminate negative thoughts and fears about the future, thereby preventing depression.



Professionals say that a confidence boost can go a long way in preventing/reducing depression. Dancing can improve your confidence level, as it is an art form that is appreciated by all.

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