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How To Flush Out GMO From Your Body

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Most of us have heard of the term GMO which means genetically modified organism. It implies alterations done to the genetic material of an organism using genetic engineering. Today, certain foods are genetically modified.

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This method is also used in agriculture. If you predominantly eat outside then there are chances that you are eating foods that are genetically modified.

Certain studies show that even genetically modified corn can harm your health. Such food could cause obesity, tumors, organ failure and many other health issues.

Foods that are altered in the labs may not be healthy as they could cause certain long term effects some of which are already discovered by researchers and the rest are yet to be discovered.

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Now, let us discuss how to minimise the damage done to health due to such foods that we eat knowingly or unknowingly.



Eat apples. They contain pectin which helps in flushing toxins out. Also, eat other natural foods rich in fibre. It helps.



Drink pure filtered water as much as possible as that is the best way to flush out all types of toxins including the GMO.


Green Juices

Drink lots of green juices as they contain necessary compounds that cleanse your system.


Get A Massage

Even a massage is a good way of helping your body get rid of toxins. It stimulates the lymphatic system.



Workout intensely and ensure that you sweat well regularly. It is a good way to get rid of the wastes in your body.


Green Tea

Green tea is rich in anti-oxidants and is a good option to flush out toxins. Avoid coffee an drink green tea.



Keeping your gut bacteria happy by consuming fermented foods or probiotics is also a good remedy.

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