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Never Ignore These Pains...

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When you suffer a minor headache or a body pain, you tend to gulp an over the counter pill to get rid of it. We all do that because going to a doctor for every small thing isn't practical.

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But what if the pains never leave you? Well, in such a case, you might first need to realise that the cause behind the pain is serious and it is indicating that something is seriously wrong within your body elsewhere.

Unless you are a trained medical practitioner, you can't be able to know what the pain is indicating. A thorough diagnosis is required to know what is causing the unusual pain that nags you every day.

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That is the reason why certain pains should not be ignored especially when they don't leave you after taking over-the-counter medication. Read on...


Terrible Headache

Many factors could cause a headache. It could be dehydration, stress, sinus congestion or even a a hangover. But if your headache isn't giving you relief even after using some medicines or home remedies, it could be certain brain bleeding issue or migraine. It is better to go to the doctor.


Pain In The Legs

If you are suffering from a burning sensation or pain in your legs, it could also be diabetic neuropathy. Other symptoms could include itchy dry skin, dry mouth, slow healing of wounds, blur sight and frequent urge to urinate. It is better to consult a doctor to know whether it is diabetes or a normal leg pain.


Chronic Back Pain

Frankly speaking, a back pain is a normal thing. When you bend suddenly or sit for long hours, it could occur. But if your back pain never leaves you soon then it could be something serious like a torn aorta or some blood vessel issue too.


Calf Pain For Too Long

Cramps in the calf can cause pain. But if your calf remains swollen all the time and pains a lot then it could also be DVT. It could be clots in the veins. It is a serious issue and needs medical assistance.


Unexplained Pains

If you suffer frequent body pains and when there is no other cause to be identified, it could also be depression. Consulting a doctor could make your life better.


Serious Stomach Pain

Indigestion could cause minor abdominal pain but if the pain isn't letting you live peacefully then it could also be a gall bladder issue, pancreatic issue or an ulcer too. It is better to rush to a clinic before things get serious.


Chest Pain

Chest pain could be heartburn, heart attack or some other heart problem or a normal muscular pain. When you have a sharp pain in the chest, jaw, throat, belly or arms then it could also be some cardiac issue. It is important to consult a doctor to rule out the fears.

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