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Things To Do When You Quit Smoking

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May 31 is observed as World No Tobacco Day. The main intention of observing this day is to spread awareness about the importance of quitting smoking and also to encourage people to abstain from smoking at least for 24 hours.

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Not just cigarettes, but all kinds of tobacco products are invitations to death. In fact, tobacco is the worst substance that kills humans slowly and steadily as it is more addictive than some narcotics.

Many people quit but they again get back to the bad habit due to the unbearable withdrawal symptoms. Tobacco contains thousands of harmful chemicals which harm your body in a myriad ways.

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So, let us discuss certain things to do when you quit smoking in order to ensure that you never again feel like smoking.


Tip #1

Soon after you decide to quit smoking once for all, wash all your clothes once as they contain a peculiar smell of cigarettes. After quitting smoking, if you get the smell from your clothes, the urge to smoke may get strengthened.


Tip #2

Go for a jog. When you experience the runner's high or the endorphin release through exercise, you will never crave for the cheap high that cigarettes give.


Tip #3

Drink vegetable juices for the whole day along with the fibre (don't strain it). Many people in surveys claim that raw food makes them feel grounded and focused. Raw food can eliminate the carvings in some people. See if it works for you.


Tip #4

When you look yourself in the mirror, those smoking stains may remind you of smoking. Visit a dentist and get your teeth whitened.


Tip #5

Drink carrot juice as soon as you wake up the day after quitting smoking. Also, drink enough of lemon juice to help your system cleanse itself.


Tip #6

Wherever you go, carry a water bottle. Drink enough water whenever carvings hit you. Also, drink a cup of hot water as it might reduce your cravings.


Tip #7

If you have oral fixation which makes you feel like chewing something, choose a gum with mint flavor. But if you have the habit of chewing gum after smoking, then this idea may remind you of cigarettes.

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