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How To Use Coconut Oil For Oral Hygiene

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Have you ever used coconut oil for oral hygiene? Well, in ancient India, many people used coconut oil as it it improves oral health and also detoxifies your mouth.

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It can eliminate harmful bacteria and other micro-organisms from your throat, gums and teeth. You just need a couple of teaspoons of coconut oil to start off. Swish the oil for nearly 15-20 minutes as soon as you get up.

After that, spit the oil out and wash your mouth thoroughly using lukewarm water. This method can flush out toxins and also remove plaque. Ensure that not even a single drop is swallowed as the toxins in your moth may get inside your system. Wash your mouth using lukewarm water. You can brush your teeth with a regular tooth paste after that.

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Coconut oil contains anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and of course, anti-inflammatory too. Also, it contains some healing properties that provide other health benefits too. Read on...


Benefit #1

As this method reduces the toxins from your mouth, the burden on your liver and kidneys would greatly reduce. This keeps your body healthy.


Benefit #2

Many sources claim that using coconut oil for dental hygiene could reduce the symptoms of asthma and bronchitis.


Benefit #3

Sometimes, even toxic buildup could cause you a headache. When toxic load irritates your nervous system, it could cause you a severe headache. Using oil to swish your mouth can minimise the chances of such headaches.


Benefit #4

The problem with the micro organisms present in your mouth is that they produce other by-products which are toxic. When your immunity gets weaker, the toxic load would trouble your health more. Using coconut oil will flush out the toxins and kill the bacteria.


Benefit #5

Many oral issues like gingivitis and bleeding gums can be prevented with this method of using coconut oil for cleaning teeth.


Benefit #6

This method could also strengthen your jaw and prevent soreness in that area.


Benefit #7

If nothing else has ever worked for bad breath, try using coconut oil to gargle your mouth. it works.

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