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Hookah - Myths And Truth!

By: Tanushree Kulkarni

It is known as Nargile in Turkey or Syria, Hookah in India, or Seesha in the Middle East or Pakistan. Hookah is fast becoming popular in cities across India and even in small towns too!

Legends have it that Hookah originated in the lanes of India, which was later transported to Persia where it transformed into its present avatar.

A hookah consists of a water pipe that allows you to smoke flavoured tobacco. A hookah is fast becoming a fashion statement among the youth today.

Some think it to be safer compared to smoking cigarettes, some consider it to be nicotine free and a harmless fun, but these are just some of the myths about Hookah.

Youngsters today are getting more hooked on and addicted to hookah due to these claims of it being safe. Today, we at Boldsky will shed more light on the myths that give it a mystic appeal among youngsters. Have a look:

Truth And Myths About Hookah:


Myth No 1: Smoking hookah is not as harmful as a cigarette

Actual truth: This is the biggest myth that many believe to be the truth.

There is a common perception that a hookah is less harmful compared to a cigarette, but the truth is that it is as harmful as a cigarette. The end product of both cigarette and hookah is the carcinogens or the cancer-causing substances.


Myth No 2: The flavour added in the hookah is beneficial for the health

Actual truth: There is no truth in the myths that fruit flavouring in the hookah has any health benefits. It is just a fruit flavouring and possesses no beneficial vitamins at all.

So, next time when your friends have this argument with you, you know exactly what to say.


Myth No 3: A hookah smoke has lesser nicotine

Actual truth: This myth is believed to be the truth by many flocking to hookah parlours.

In fact, nicotine intake could be much higher because it is consumed through a water pipe in case of hookahs. A hookah is often soaked in honey, but it still consists of cancerogenic chemicals and nicotine that majorly harm the lungs.


Myth No 4: Water filters all the harmful toxins that is present in a hookah

Actual truth: Many believe that water used in hookah filters out the toxins present in it, making it safer for consumption.

But the fact is that this smoke filled with water damages the lungs as much as an average cigarette. Water present in it is not enough to the hazardous effects it has on the body.


Myth No 5: Hookah smoking is not addictive

Actual truth: Hookah is wrongly believed as being non-addictive by many.

They assume hookah to be nicotine free, but the truth of the matter is that it has the same amount of nicotine as that found in an average cigarette. So, addiction to a hookah cannot be ruled out. It is quite possible as it causes a tobacco dependency.


Myth No 6: An herbal hookah is a better option than a regular hookah

Actual truth: The unfortunate truth is that herbal sheesha or hookah offers no real benefits at all. In fact, it exposes the smoker to tar and a host of cancer-causing elements. So, next time you are told this myth, you know what argument to give it to break it.


Myth No 7: Hookah smoke doesn’t burn the lungs

Actual truth: The truth is that hookah is unhealthy even though its smoke is cooled.

It still contains a lot of cancer-causing agents and can be a risky affair to smoke. Though it does not burn the lungs, it still can be quite risky.


Myth No 8: Sharing hookah mouthpieces will not cause any harm

Actual truth: So many people, I have spoken to, believe that sharing mouthpieces is quite harmless and won't cause any side effects at all.

But the truth of the matter is that, it is not without its share of risks. Each time you share a mouthpiece, you are at a risk of contracting cold, cough, infections and even oral herpes from those infected with it. So tread with caution!

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Story first published: Friday, January 22, 2016, 22:00 [IST]
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