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Side Effects Of Smoking Hookah

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Shisha or Hookah smoking is a rage among the youth these days. Before we used to see old men taking long puffs of hookah in villages but, now, the trend has come all the way from villages to the metro cities. Young school and college students are hooked up to hookah parlours these days.

Shisha or hookah has a big water pipe connected to a bowl. It has a smoke chamber and a hose. Flavoured or plain tobacco is burned inside the chamber. When you inhale from the pipe, you get the flavoured or plain smoke. You will be shocked to know that smoking hookah is worse than cigarette because of the big pipes. Lets check out how hookah effects your health.

Side Effects Of Smoking Hookah

Side effects of hookah-

It is worse than a cigarette: A small cigarette can be inhaled for maximum 3-4 minutes. But, you take hookah for more than 30 minutes minimum. According to researchers, hookah has more side effects on the health because you smoke tobacco for a long duration. A 45 minutes of hookah smoking is equivalent to 45 cigarettes! This means you get tar of about 20 cigarettes. Cellular chromosomal damage in the mouth is more when compared to cigarettes.

Headache: Taking hookah might be fun in the beginning, but when you leave from the hookah joint, your head starts aching badly. It is not common only with you. Every hookah smoker gets headache after smoking hookah. Carbon monoxide causes headache and nausea. Moreover, flavoured hookah is strong that affects the brain and leads to headache. Also, if you exert more pressure while inhaling the smoke from the pipe, your head will pain!

Addiction: Many people think that hookah smoking is far better than cigarette smoking because tobacco is mixed with water. This is why, the effect of hookah would be less. This is a myth as hookah brings in more side effects to your body! Even hookah has nicotine like a cigarette. When you inhale nicotine for long hours, you tend to get addicted to it. If you suffer from headache, irritation, fatigue or depression even when you are not taking hookah, then these are few symptoms that show you are addicted to it!

Cancer: When you take a smoke from a metal pipe, you inhale heavy metals such as carbon monoxide, tar, iron and other toxic metals that can be really unhealthy for your body. One of the major side effects of hookah is that it can cause cancer! These chemicals can be carcinogenic (cancer causing elements) for the body. Shisha or hookah smoking is unhealthy because it increases the chances of suffering from cancer especially mouth, throat, lung or lips cancer.

These are few side effects of smoking hookah. If you want to take hookah, you can try the herbal one as that is nicotine free. However, it is best to avoid this trending bad habit to stay healthy!

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Story first published: Wednesday, June 20, 2012, 14:59 [IST]
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