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Foods That You Should Avoid According To Nutritionists

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The pace of life has become quicker than it was ever before. People are constantly on the go, rarely sitting down to meals and focusing on what they are eating. Whenever we do not give enough importance to our body and the food we eat, we start to suffer from a number of diseases.

This is where a nutritionist comes into focus. There are certain food items that nutritionists ask us to avoid in order to live a disease-free life. Let us discuss these food items.

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Foods That Nutritionists Avoid

Avoid taking artificial sweeteners. Instead, go for dates and honey in small quantities. Artificial sweeteners are synthetic substances that your body does not accept and they also do not aid in weight loss.

Foods That Nutritionists Avoid

Contrary to belief, breakfast cereals are a big no no. These are not at all healthy. These have high quantities of hidden sugar, sodium and preservatives. After you consume a bowl of cereals, it causes your blood sugar levels to drop drastically.

Foods That Nutritionists Avoid

Fish is very good for our health, but you should be careful while buying fish. Wild fish is always better than farmed fish as farmed fish contains high levels of mercury, contaminants, carcinogens and pesticides.

Foods That Nutritionists Avoid

Avoid peanut butter at all cost. This is because it contains large doses of sugar. Instead try almond butter. It is one of the best types of butters available in the market. Also go for raw nuts instead of salted nuts as these are high in sodium content.

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Avoid tinned tomatoes at all cost. Tinned tomatoes contain high levels of sugar and salt. Also the tin in which it is preserved contains certain chemicals that are harmful for our body. These chemicals can cause diseases linked to the heart and the reproductive system.

Foods That Nutritionists Avoid

Avoid table salt at all cost. It has very little nutritional value and it can cause hypertension. Instead, go for himalayan pink salt. Also avoid packaged, processed bread. These are high in sodium, sugar and preservatives and also tax our digestive system as it is difficult to break these down.

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Story first published: Saturday, July 30, 2016, 21:00 [IST]
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