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Foods That Fight Common Allergies During Monsoon

By: Ajanta Sen

A year has quite a few seasons. Some parts of the world experience six seasons, whereas some other parts of the globe can experience only four.

The number of seasons may vary from one geographic location to another, but this may not let the people living on the earth to be set free from the effects of the seasonal changes.

A change in season means switching from one season to another. It is a natural phenomenon, but it leaves a deep impact on the human body.

A change in the season can drastically change the temperature, humidity or the quantity of water vapour in the air, atmospheric pressure and various other things.

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Though the human body cannot notice a few other factors that also face some rapid changes, it is quite natural that the body gets adversely affected in most of the situations.

In most of the cases, the human body gets affected by some very common diseases that are usually caused by various types of allergies.

Allergies During Monsoon

Cough and cold, asthma, breathing disorders, and many such diseases are very common among the people from all age groups, though the kids and elderly people are worst affected, as they have a weaker resistance capacity on most of the occasions.

Medically, it has been found that the people with a weaker immunity capacity are more exposed to some deadly diseases that often happen during the monsoonal changes.

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Diseases like Viral Fever, Diarrhoea, Gastroenteritis, Chikungunya, and skin infections are very common types of diseases that break out in large numbers among the people.

Though these are also caused by skin infections on most of the occasions, people need to keep themselves safe against these for the sake of themselves and their family's well-being.

Though medical science suggests some specialist medication, there are some more specialised foods that help you fight common allergies during the monsoon season.

Following are some of the most effective foods that you must ensure to take if you happen to suffer from any such allergies and related disorders:

Allergies During Monsoon

This wonderful food is full of anti-allergic properties that make it an ideal remedy to fight all types of allergies. People can easily consume it raw, but it is usually used in cooking as a very common spice. It has a sharp fragrance that also offers some great advantages, especially if you are suffering from cough and cold.

Allergies During Monsoon

This magic herb is accepted as a treasure of health advantages. It can be eaten raw or it can be used as a hot spice. The preparation of ginger tea is very effective in fighting cough and cold. It brings about a relief from cough and brings faster respite from congestion. Nowadays, the medicine sellers or vendors in various public transport systems also offer tasty preparations that can bring faster remedies from cough and cold.

Allergies During Monsoon

Apart from being a popular Indian spice, turmeric is known for its wonderful utilities as a natural antioxidant. It also has an antibacterial characteristic that makes it extremely effective as an anti-allergenic medicine. It fights allergies with ease.

Allergies During Monsoon

Green Tea:
Green tea has been a store-house of health benefits. It is believed to have the richest source of antibacterial and anti-allergenic properties, and that is why, it fights the monsoonal allergies with a great success rate. Having green tea regularly can set you free from all types of allergies.

Allergies During Monsoon

A rich source of vitamin C, lemon is a natural fighter against various health disorders, including the allergies of all kinds. You can take the raw lemon juice on a regular basis to overcome the effects of these allergies; however, it is best to recommend your doctor before taking it.

Allergies During Monsoon

Apple has a rich source of minerals and other nutritive elements that can not only fight the diseases but also provide immunity against it. You can fight monsoon allergies by consuming apples on a daily basis.

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Story first published: Wednesday, July 27, 2016, 22:30 [IST]
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