Disturbing Facts About Soda

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Most of us love sodas. In fact, it is tough to imagine having a pizza or a burger without a fizzy drink. But the problem is: health experts have confirmed that they are very bad for health.

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Yes, most of those sweetened carbonated drinks aren't good guys. They spoil your health and are addictive too. In fact, drinking sodas can be seen as bad as drinking liquor or smoking.

A primary estimate claims that fizzy drinks are responsible for more than 1,80,000 deaths per year! Well, such a number must be taken seriously.

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All it contains is sugar, gas and unwanted chemicals in it- there is no nutritional value to it; what hooks us to such a bad beverage? Well, the pleasure that addiction gives must be the only hook. There are many studies that also claim that fizzy drinks cause cancer too. Now, let us discuss some disturbing facts about soda.


Fact #1

Aspartame is a chemical that is present in sodas. This chemical is said to cause insomnia, depression and even neurological disorders.


Fact #2

Sodas cause cavities. They damage your teeth. The sugar content in fizzy drinks is the killer.


Fact #3

If you are not able to live without sodas, it clearly means you are addicted to them. Yes, they are additive and unhelathy.


Fact #4

Many studies also claim that too much of soda consumption can also cause gout. This could be due to the fructose content in drinks. Fructose could worsen uric acid levels that cause gout.


Fact #5

Generally, soda containers are coated with certain chemicals that may affect your endocrine system and may also impact your reproductive fitness in the long run.


Fact #6

Another study claims that men who excessively consume sodas may maximise their risk of heart failure by at least 20%. This could be due to the presence of artificial sweeteners in sodas which can lead to obesity, diabetes and cardio-vascular issues.


Fact #7

Sodas age you faster. Certain studies say that the sugar content in sodas tend to shorten telemores. Many studies say that regular consumption of sodas would age you faster.


Fact #8

The added colours of some fizzy drinks are said to be cancer-causing chemicals. Excessive consumption will affect your body in the long run.


Fact #9

The biggest problem with any sugary drink is that it gets unwanted calories that could cause obesity very fast.


Fact #10

Certain studies claim that regular consumption of fizzy drinks could cause certain kidney issues too. The reason could be the high levels of fructose in some fizzy drinks.

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