What To Do If You Haven't Slept All Night

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During student days, most of us have pulled all-nighters especially before exams. Nowadays, most of us have got used to such situations as our job demands may sometimes make us stretch limits in order to reach targets.

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Actually, depriving yourself of sleep or ignoring the quality of sleep are bad for health; but most of us have already started doing it.
If your sleep habits are irregular, the first thing to do is to quit the habits of smoking and drinking alcohol. Also, reduce your caffeine consumption.

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Your health may go for a toss if you are sleep deprived and also filled with toxins. Now, let us discuss about what to do if you haven't slept all night.


Fatigue Causes Dehydration

Generally, when you don't sleep, your body may feel tired and dehydrated. Drink lots of water and stay hydrated. Never mind the continuous visits to the loo as they may also help you stay awake.


Keep Your Body Active

Choose to be active and try to boost your blood circulation. Perform some light exercise that makes you energetic and also speeds up your metabolism. This is important as your body tends to slow down a bit when you haven't slept for a night.


Don't Overeat

As you haven't slept properly the night before, don't eat excessively as your body may fail to digest the food properly. Also, don't take in a high-carb diet. A heavy diet may also make you feel sleepy and may kill your productivity. Eat something that keeps you alert; for example: fish, chicken, yoghurt and vegetables.


Get Some Sun

When you are sleep deprived and feel like sleeping in the day, get some sunlight. It helps you get some vitamin D and also boosts your mood and focus. Also, a tired immune system may also get a boost when you get some sunlight.


Cold Bath

When you take a cold shower, your whole system gets a sudden jolt which keeps you awake and alert.


Spice Up The Day

Have an exciting chat with colleagues, watch some interesting websites or videos, have a cup of tea and try to make your day more interesting especially when you didn't have proper sleep on the previous night.


Chew A Gum

Certain studies say that chewing a gum may beat your sleepy mood as it activates certain areas in your brain. As a gum's effect stays only for a short span, remember not to expect too much from it.


Take A Nap

This would the most beneficial thing for your health as your body will try to get some quality sleep even if you sleep only for 15-20 minutes after lunch.

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Story first published: Wednesday, March 9, 2016, 8:03 [IST]
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