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Health Benefits Of Dal Rice

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Indians love dal rice for many reasons. Firstly, it is tasty. Secondly, it is easier to prepare. And thirdly, it is healthy and very nutritious. In fact, even children and adults can eat it as breakfast or lunch.

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As dal is rich in protein, this dish can also be filling even when you reduce your portion size. This dish could be healthy if you use brown rice instead of white rice.

In some parts of India, people prefer to eat rice 3 times a day. So, if you are comfortable eating rice, this dish is easily digestible. Your body can absorb and assimilate the proteins in it.

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Dal is nothing but lentils. They contain fibre that lowers cholesterol. Also, they control blood sugar levels efficiently as they contain fibre. Now, let us know about the benefits of dal rice.


Benefit #1

Lentils contain certain essential amino acids which rice doesn't contain. So, when you eat rice and lentils together, you tend to get all the essential amino acids.


Benefit #2

When you consume dal with brown rice, you can also enjoy the benefits of the fibre content too which soothes your digestive system.


Benefit #3

Brown rice contains selenium, manganese, copper, phosphorous, magnesium and many vitamins.


Benefit #4

Certain studies claim that lentils can prevent heart issues as they contain fibre, magnesium and folate.


Benefit #5

The magnesium content in dal rice improves the blood circulation as your arteries and veins tend to feel better when enough magnesium is in your system.


Benefit #6

Apart from soothing your digestive system and preventing heart issues, fibre content in dal rice can also stabilise your blood sugar.


Benefit #7

As dal rice also contains vegetables like tomato, onion and spices like garlic, many other vitamins and minerals are provided to your body in a single meal.

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