Reasons To Eat 3 Bananas A Day

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Yes, bananas have so many health benefits but today, we shall discuss about what happens when you eat 3 bananas a day. You can prevent heart issues, PMS, constipation, heart burn and certain other health issues if you eat 3 bananas a day.

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Also, bananas give you energy instantly. You will feel good soon after eating a banana as it releases feel good chemicals in your brain. Do you know why athletes and body builders love bananas? Well, it gives them energy and boost their performance too.

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Most of us see bananas as a food that causes obesity but in fact, you can eat bananas regularly without such fears. But consult a doctor before eating 3 bananas a day as all of us are different and our bodies may react to foods in a different way. Now, let us discuss about the benefits.



Tryptophan, a compound present in bananas helps you relax and boost your moods as they tend to convert into a feel-good chemical known as serotonin.


Control Blood Pressure

Bananas do prevent blood pressure issues, thanks to the potassium content in them. Eat 3 regularly, if your doctor permits.



A surprising fact is that bananas also cure hangovers. Eat them if you have partied too much last night.



Certain studies suggest that bananas help you cope up with the withdrawal symptoms if you have recently quit smoking.


Blood Clots

Research says that eating 3 bananas a day could minimise the chances of blood clots especially in the brain. Thanks to the potassium content in them.



As bananas contain iron too, they play a role in the production of hemoglobin and prevent anemia.



As bananas contain lots of fibre content, they are good for people suffering from constipation. Your bowel action gets better thanks to bananas.


They Calm Your Stomach

Bananas soothe your stomach and reduce the irritation of the stomach lining when you eat them every day.


Healthy Bones

Certain studies also say that the potassium content in bananas also prevent bone decay.

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Story first published: Monday, March 7, 2016, 6:05 [IST]
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