Try The 7 Day Belly Fat Cleanse!

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The main problem with dieting is that you tend to program your mind that you are going to do a sacrifice by staying away from your favourite foods. This is why your body will hate the term 'dieting' even before you begin such a program; therefore, it is bound to fail sooner or later.

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Another issue with the word 'dieting' is that you tend to perceive it as a temporary practice to lose the excess fat. So, you plan to get back to your 'old lifestyle' after the so called 'dieting' period is over. This perception may also make you fail in your attempts.

How about embracing good eating habits and activity levels permanently without calling them 'dieting'? How about making the whole process process of dieting look like a pleasure and luxury that you crave to enjoy?

Try a 7 day belly fat cleanse and see how effortlessly you stick to it. If you fall in love with it, you will make it a part of your life instead of struggling to stick to a diet.

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Sacrifices fail, love shall win. Though fat loss requires calorie reduction and increased activity levels, try to find the best way that helps you love them.

Note: Without consulting a doctor, never try any diet or exercise!


Your Schedule Should Look Like This:

After waking up, go out for a walk around 7 am. By 10 am, drink a glass of vegetable broth. Again by 1 pm, drink another glass of vegetable broth. At around 3 pm, eat a snack (preferably 1 banana, apple or a handful of nuts. By evening 6:30 pm, enjoy your favourite dinner.


Does This Work?

Many people who claim to have followed this method, say that they lost 0.2-1 inch of belly fat within a span of a week!


Whats' For Breakfast?

In this method, there is neither breakfast nor the traditional lunch. There is only one big meal in the evening which is supposed to fulfill your hunger.


Does Your Body Get Nutrients?

Yes. As you drink vegetable broth twice a day, your body gets both water and essential vitamins and minerals present in vegetables. And the dinner provides you with enough calories if you carefully plan your recipes by counting calories.


What About Exercise?

The morning walk serves as an exercise. Forget about impractical ideas like going to the gym or doing aerobics if you are a working person. But wander away in the morning walk without thinking about how far you are going. Just enjoy the mere act of walking.


Can You Drink Alcohol?

No, it will spoil all your weight loss plans and good health dreams.


How Much Water To Drink?

Forget about the the 8 glasses a day theory. Whenever you feel like drinking water, drink as much as possible throughout the day.


What About Sweets After Dinner?

No, stay away from them. It pains only for a day or two but gradually, you will be able to live without sweets too.

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Story first published: Thursday, March 3, 2016, 14:00 [IST]
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