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Why You Don't Need Dairy

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Is milk good or bad? Well, milk can't be labeled as an unhealthy food as it is very nutritious. But of course, milk has a bad side too. All over the world, milk is considered as a very healthy food. But its effects on health vary from person to person.

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Those who are lactose intolerant may develop allergies after consuming milk. This is because milk comes with certain allergic compounds like casein and lactose. Also, the way cattle are raised nowadays, milk may not be a healthy choice.

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In fact, milk from unhealthy sources may also cause inflammation, type 1 diabetes and other disorders. Now, let us discuss why you don't need dairy...


Reason #1

Certain estimates claim that nearly 75% of the population are lactose intolerant. So, milk and other dairy products may not be easily digested by those who can't tolerate lactose.


Reason #2

Yes milk is good for bones as it contributes calcium. But there are many other calcium sources even if you skip milk. For example, tofu is one good source that provides more calicum than milk.


Reason #3

Yes, milk may also make you feel bloated when you drink too much of it. Again, this is due to the lactose.


Reason #4

Other studies claim that milk may stimulate certain hormones that may maximise prostrate cancer risk in some people.


Reason #5

Certain studies claim that dairy products may cause acne in some people. This may make you hate dairy.


Reason #6

The lactose in milk may also cause diarrhea. If you consume milk in excessive amounts, you may experience an upset stomach.


Reason #7

Yes milk is among the most nutritious foods but again it depends a lot on the source. Only cattle raised in pastures and fed with organic grass can offer good quality milk. As most of us have little control over the food that cattle are fed with, it would be tough to say whether the milk we get in shops is healthy.

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Story first published: Thursday, March 3, 2016, 8:00 [IST]
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