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Benefits Of Jaggery With Milk

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Do you want a cup of milk or tea without sugar but with sweetness? Then go for a tea with milk and jaggery. Jaggery, a well-known brown natural sweetener, has immense medicinal properties. Benefits of jaggery with milk is a hot topic as it is a rich source of vitamins and minerals.

Most of us are trying to reduce the use of sugar, which is considered as a culprit for many illnesses. Jaggery is a wonderful replacement option for sugar.

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This will make your sip tastier and healthier. Elders can take it as a part of their daily diet to avail the numerous benefits of jaggery with milk.This amazing mix will do wonders on your skin, hair and other organ systems.

If you are looking for a different flavour to enjoy your daily cup of milk, jaggery will be a good option.We will now discuss more about the benefits of jaggery with milk.

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Weight loss:

Are you obese and avoiding sugar from milk or tea? Start taking jaggery with milk. Potassium rich jaggery with calcium rich milk will make you slim and trim. Take this regularly for obtaining the best health benefits of jaggery with milk.


Reduce pregnancy anemia:

Majority of the women have issues in taking iron tablets which is good for preventing anemia. So, here comes our brown natural sweetener with elements that can lower your anemia without side effects. A glass of milk with jaggery helps pregnant women to fight against anemia.


Ravishing skin and hair:

Both the jaggery and milk plays a pivotal role in the beauty of skin and smooth hair. When discussing the benefits of jaggery with milk, this point should be highlighted. If this combination is included in the diet, you can get a glowing, fresh skin as well as smooth healthy hair. This is one of the healthbenefits of jaggery with milk.


Reduces menstrual pain:

Jaggery is one of the universal remedy for women, who has menstrual pain. Ayurveda professionals suggests intake of jaggery with milk on a daily basis to avoid stomach cramp during periods. Jaggery is a cooling agent that makes your stomach cool and helps to maintain normal temperature, especially in summer.


Boost your immunity:

To boost your immunity the best and easy method is to mix jaggery with a glass of milk. Both the ingredients help human body to increase the immunity to fight illness.


Reduce joint pains:

From our childhood, we hear that milk is the best option for getting strong bones. Like milk, jaggery also helps in nourishing your bones and muscles. It is suggested that consuming milk with jaggery reduces joint pains and bone problems.


Improves digestion:

Consuming jaggery fastens the process of digestion. Jaggery with milk is considered to be best for those who have problems like indigestion, constipation, intestinal worms etc. Intake of jaggery regulates your digestive system and bowel movement.

Jaggery and milk, rich in innumerable restorative properties, should be added in your diet. Regular intake of jaggery with milk will definitely offer you a lot of health benefits.

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Story first published: Tuesday, August 16, 2016, 21:01 [IST]
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