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A Yoga Pose That Heals Many Organs!

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Paschimottanasana means forward bending pose in yoga. Many studies have already confirmed that yoga has many health benefits. In fact, if you hate pumping iron in the gym and if you wish to prevent many health issues through simple relaxing techniques, then yoga is for you.

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Now, here is how you can perform this asana or posture: Place a mat on the floor and stretch your legs. First, keep your spine erect and keep your palms on the knees. Now slowly bend your head along with your trunk forward.

Your aim is to touch the legs with your forehead. You can stretch your hands and touch your feet while bending your head and trunk.

Breathe slowly and deeply. Hold your breath once you reach the final pose and after two seconds, gently exhale while releasing the pose by getting back to the normal pose. You can repeat it for 5 times.

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CAUTION: Pregnant women, people suffering from back problems, asthma, ulcer and other health problems should not attempt this posture. In fact, attempting yoga without the guidance of a guru could be very dangerous. Never attempt this at home, alone.


Benefit #1

You can get rid of tension and stress and gradually calm your whole system by practicing this yoga pose regularly.


Benefit #2

This pose has the capacity to stimulate certain organs like liver, kidneys and even uterus when done correctly.


Benefit #3

Yes, this pose also helps in losing weight. Obese people can consult a yoga practitioner for more information.


Benefit #4

This pose effectively stretches your spine, back muscles and shoulders too.


Benefit #5

This yogasana can also minimise fatigue and relieve you from headaches related to anxiety.


Benefit #6

This posture also enhances your digestion and normalises your appetite.


Benefit #7

This posture can also prevent certain health issues like high blood pressure when done regularly.

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Story first published: Wednesday, April 20, 2016, 7:00 [IST]
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