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Summer Safety: How To Get More Water Into Your Body?

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We all know that we need to constantly drink water to hydrate the system. Some of us even set goals to drink water! Though it might sound funny, it is a fact that many people set goals to drink water frequently but end up failing.

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Though it looks like a simple thing, drinking sufficient water could also be challenge. Especially, in summer, if you don't focus on hydrating yourself, your health goes for a toss.

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In fact, dehydration could even kill us. Therefore, let us look at certain creative ways to get some more water than our regular intake so that the body stays hydrated and healthy.


Eat Fruits And Veggies That Contain Water

Yes, watermelon contains water. Strawberries and cucumbers also have water in them. They hydrate you well. Eating them as salads is a good way to get some water inside your system and prevent dehydration.


As Soon As You Wake Up...

Starting the day with plain water is the best thing to do after waking up. Your body tends to be dehydrated during sleep. You can either add lemon to the water or choose to drink plain water. Both of them are good for digestion and hydration.


Try Fruit Infused Water

Make your water interesting. Infuse fruits or vegetables in your water overnight and drink them the next day.


Set Reminders

If your mobile gives you an alert every few hours, it becomes easy for you to get up and have some water even if you are busy with your work.


Drink Green Tea

Without adding sugar, have a cup of green tea. It is a good way to get some more water in your body as tea is predominantly water.


An Hour Before Lunch

Drink a glass of water much before a big meal. This helps you eat less and also hydrates your system.


When You Feel Like Drinking A Coffee...

Drink a cup of hot water. It is good for digestion and also helps you curb caffeine addiction.

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Story first published: Tuesday, April 19, 2016, 12:55 [IST]
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