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Tips To Stay Healthy After Heart Surgery

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Heart surgeries are common and statistics show that every second person out of 8 undergo a heart transplant or a pace maker operation.

The after care of heart surgeries are painful and the patient is required to take a lot of rest, physically and mentally. On the other hand, heart surgeries are risky and the patient must be informed about the risks involved.

Things You Should Know To Keep The Heart Healthy!

It is important to stay healthy after a heart surgery. After care requires the patient to watch every step taken. Loved ones who are looking after the patient post the heart surgery should make sure the patient does not Undergo any form of stress and body exertion, as it will make the body feel weak.

The patient can stay healthy after heart surgery if a right diet is followed and if there is no extra pressure applied on the organ, through rigorous exercises and the consumption of fatty foods.

Tips On How To Survive A Heart Attack Alone

Today, Boldsky suggests some of the necessary health tips to take after a heart surgery. If these tips are strictly followed, the patient lifespan will be increased. On the other hand, these tips are prescribed from experts, so it safe for patients to follow for a healthy and speedy recovery:


Keep Active

It is important to stay active after a heart surgery. A week after the surgery, the patient is required to walk slowly for 15 minutes, either on the treadmill or at the park. This exercise will help the organ boost blood and thus keep it healthy and active.


Eat Heart Healthy Foods

A low-sodium diet needs to be followed post a heart surgery. Consume foods that are have less oil and salt. Fried foods and fatty foods should be off the plate.


Sleep Is A Must

A heart patient should have a regularised sleep pattern of 8 hours a night. Lack of sleep will lead to sleep disorders which will affect the weak (post surgery) heart.


Overexertion Must Be Avoided

Overexertion will affect the heart after a surgery. One should avoid all forms of stress, as it is a silent killer. Overexertion applies more pressure on the heart forcing it to pump more blood when it is weak.


Follow Doctor's Advice

Every patient is different and the physician or the doctor know's their patient's condition before and after a heart surgery. Following strict orders from the doctor after a heart surgery is a must.


Pay Attention To The Body

After any surgery, the body undergoes certain changes. If there are slight changes in the body, inform the doctor immediately.


Medications Should Not Be Missed

It is mandatory not to miss any medications after a heart surgery. The medications will improve the organ and simultaneously help in boosting the immunity too.

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