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17 Herbal Health Secrets Of Ancient Times

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Do you know how people in ancient times used to keep themselves fit and fine? They were more energetic and healthier than us. The reason for their well-being and increased physical strength is the use of herbal remedies.

Herbs To Make You Energetic

Most of us are well aware of these herbal remedies and their health benefits but still, don't avail their benefits. We are all addicted to chemical treatments and give a deaf ear to their numerous side effects. If we start to use herbal remedies, all our body ailments will be cured.

We must include them in our diets or consume tea made with these herbs. Having herbal tea improves digestion, boosts metabolism and also aids in weight loss. These herbal remedies not only cure diseases but also give strength, boost immunity, increase mental concentration, improve sleep and relieve stress.

10 Natural Herbs To Treat Asthma

Today, in this article, let us discuss about ancient herbs and their health benefits. You must use these herbs not only to treat various diseases but also to stay in good health.


Eucalyptus Oil

It is one of the best treatment for cold, cough, fever and flu. The oil can be infused in a tea; it is also an ingredient in cough drops.



It can be chewed or used as a tea to treat indigestion, relieve cough, sore-throat and diarrhea. It is also used as a poultice (externally as a paste) for eye relief and headaches.


Ginger Root

The root is crushed and consumed as a tea or with food. It can also be used externally. It relieves inflammation, joint pain, increases blood circulation, relieves asthma and also relieve colds, coughs and flu.



It is a cure for almost all ailments. Ginseng treats fatigue, enhance the immune system, boost energy and improves liver and lung function. The root has lots of active ingredients. However, the leaves and stems are also used.



The leaves and roots are chewed to get rid of toothaches. It is also beneficial for sore throat, cough and cold. Since it is sweet in taste, it can also be used as a taste enhancer.



It can be used as a tea that cures muscle pain. It also improves blood circulation and boosts metabolism.



It improves digestion and aids in blood clotting. Alfalfa is also used in the treatment of arthritis, urine infections and kidney diseases. It increases bone strength and boosts the immune system.


Aloe Vera

It stops internal and external bleeding as it has astringent action. Aloe vera also kills infections and helps in fast healing of wounds. You can also apply aleo vera gel on your face to get glowing skin.


Bee Pollen

Mix bee pollen with your food and eat it. It will boost you with high energy levels and also aids in digestion. Bee pollen also boosts your immune system. However, you may be allergic to it if you are allergic to bee stings.



It is the best cure for burns, insect bites and bee stings. It can only be used externally and is also a main ingredient of skin creams and cosmetic products.



Its leaves and bark are crushed to make tea. The tea is beneficial for inflammation, diarrhea and also for speeding up your metabolism. You can also use this tea to treat mouth ulcers, sore throat and gum inflammation as a gargle.



Raspberry roots are crushed and boiled to make tea. Drink this tea to relieve cough, indigestion and diarrhea.



Buckwheat seeds are used in soup and porridge to maintain normal blood pressure. Its soup also helps relieve diarrhea and aids in blood clotting.


Cayenne Peppers

They have pain relieving properties, they can treat arthritis and indigestion. You can also use them as an antiseptic on wounds. However, it will irritate the skin but can prove to be a good treatment when no other medicine is available.



It is known as purple coneflower and is used to boost the immune system, fight infections and fever. It also is used as an antiseptic and general treatment for colds, coughs and flu.


Red Clover

It is used to relieve inflammation, asthma, bronchitis and improves circulation. Its flowers, leaves and roots are usually infused in a tea or are added in food.


Rose Hip

It is orange coloured berry fruit of the wild roses. Rose hip is the richest source of vitamin C. It can be eaten as a whole fruit or infused as a tea. It also treats indigestion, cough, cold, infections and inflammation.

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