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9 Myths About Sweat

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Most of us often wonder about this question: why do we sweat? Some of us hate sweating and some of feel released when sweating but at the end of the day, it is just your body's natural way of adjusting itself to the temperature of your surroundings in order to survive.

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So, it is a necessary bodily function. Now, the surprising thing is that we are used to believing in a lot of myths about sweat. Some of them have no scientific basis whereas, a few of them are still being studied by the scientists.

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For example, there is a myth concerning the dangers of using anti-antiperspirants. Though some believe that it is extremely dangerous, science hasn't proved it till now.

Now, let us discuss about the sweat myths that we can stop believing in.


Myth #1

Another myth is that we can shed weight through sweating. Actually, your sweat only reduces what is known as water weight which can again be regained by drinking some water.


Myth #2

If you are sweating too much, it doesn't mean that your workout had been intense. This is because other factors like the fabric of your clothes, the temperature of your room and your metabolic state may also play a role in how much you sweat.


Myth #3

Does sweat smell? Most of us firmly believe that sweat causes body odour. But actually, the odour comes from bacteria; not sweat.


Myth #4

Currently, another myth is in circulation which says that antiperspirants can be harmful. In fact, scientific studies haven't confirmed the same.


Myth #5

Most of us believe that we can flush out toxins through sweat. But actually, toxins are generally flushed out with the urine. Your sweat contains urea, protein, salt and of course, water but not toxins.


Myth #6

Some people think that we sweat only on hot days. Actually, your body constantly tries to adjust itself to the temperature around and keeps releasing moisture but you may realise that you are sweating only when it happens on a larger scale.


Myth #7

Is sweat good for your skin? Some of us believe that sweat causes acne. Actually, acne is caused more when oil clogs your pores.


Myth #8

There is another misconception. We tend to think that applying sunscreen may block pores and reduce sweating but in fact, sunscreen has nothing to do with it.


Myth #9

Also, the yellow stains on your clothes are not solely caused by sweat. The oil secreted from skin and the bacteria that live on your skin join the game to form yellow stains.

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Story first published: Wednesday, September 23, 2015, 1:04 [IST]
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