Must-Know Facts About Your Weight

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In today's world, if you succeed in maintaining normal healthy body weight then its a big achievement. In this polluted and fast food laden world, it is hard to control food cravings and also difficult to avoid the impact of pollutants.

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Even fruits and vegetables are not spared as pesticides and other chemicals are used to enhance the colour and taste of these natural foods. Do you know that these pesticides can also lead to weight gain apart from causing other health complications?

To maintain normal weight, we all know that the basic things to do are to eat less, eat healthy, exercise more, and so on. However, you must know certain important things about weight loss.

After gaining knowledge, your focus for weight loss will be in the right direction. You can yield good results from your weight loss efforts after reading out the important things discussed in this article.

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Having some knowledge can make a big difference in how you act and react when it comes to your weight. Here are some important things about your weight that you may not know.


Eating Refined Carbs (Maida)

Nowadays, all the bakery items, cookies and snacks are made of maida. Refined flour causes a spike in blood sugar levels. This results in the secretion of insulin. Excess insulin in the blood also promotes the build up of fat cells leading to weight gain. If you are eating enough of maida, this may be the cause of your weight gain.


Your Spouse's Weight Matters

You will rarely see a couple, where one partner is obese when the other is is slim. Research has shown that when a partner gains or loses weight, the same effect can be seen on the other partner. This is because you may easily get motivated to lose or gain weight according to your partner.


You Are Born To Be Fat!

Yes this is true; your mom can also decide the fate of your body size. If your mom has eaten lots of fatty foods when you were in the womb, then you may also be an over weight adult. Research has shown that if a pregnant lady eats more of fatty foods, it could upset the appetite control and metabolic system in the baby's brain.


Antioxidants Will Lead To Weight Loss

Free radicals inside your body can also cause weight gain. It is very important to get rid of those free radicals from your body. They generally get accumulated inside the body due to the foods you eat and the environmental pollutants you expose yourself to. Antioxidants found in fruits and vegetables help remove those free radicals from your body and you can then lose weight happily.


Metabolism Can Change

The simple thing is that if your metabolic rate is healthy, you will never gain weight and vise versa. Now, a question arises: does the rate of metabolism change? It is true that your lifestyle and under active thyroid (hypothyroid) can remarkably decrease your rate of metabolism. This will result in weight gain and other complications.


Stress Fattens You

Being under stress not only invites diseases but also leads to weight gain. Stress and anxiety results in the secretion of a stress hormone known as cortisol. This hormone leads to weight gain due to the buildup of fat and increasing hunger.


Sleep More For Weight Loss

Research has shown that a good night's sleep is important to maintain normal weight. If you sleep less, you eat more and will experience more cravings. Peaceful sleep for not less than eight hours will keep your metabolism on track and you will stay lean.

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