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16 Common Foods That Cause Unhealthy FAT Gain
You can gain weight due to an underactive thyroid, stress, tiredness, fluid retention and a variety of other reasons. Many people progressively gain weight as they age or make changes to their lifestyle. Out of these many reasons, the ...
Foods That Make You Fat Fattening Foods
Cornstarch: Possible Health Benefits, Downsides And Uses
Cornstarch is a food product obtained by grinding corn kernels into a fine powder. It is a common ingredient used in culinary to thicken, stabilise and blend food items like curries, soups, sauces and stews. Cornstarch is also a popular product ...
Does Afternoon Nap Cause Weight Gain?
All of us are familiar with the strong feeling of sleepiness during the mid-afternoon. You have had a full lunch and the weather seems too comfy for a quick snuggle in the bed, especially now that we are all working from, ...
Does Afternoon Nap Cause Weight Gain
8 Morning Habits That Can Cause Weight Gain
Are you fed up of not being able to lose weight despite maintaining a well-balanced diet and exercising regularly? Then, you might be making a mistake somewhere in your weight loss plan. If your weight loss efforts are met with no ...
Menopause Weight Gain: Causes, Risks And Prevention
When a woman attains menopause there are several health risks that come in, for instance, low oestrogen, osteoporosis, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and weight gain. In this article, we will talk about what causes weight gain during menopause. During menopause, ...
Menopause Weight Gain Causes Risks And Ways To Prevent
14 Amazing Foods For Healthy Weight Gain
The number of diet plans and practices aimed at the single notion of weight-loss are plenty. However, in the same line, there are a large number of individuals trying to gain weight. Gaining weight can be as hard as losing it. ...
7 Ways To Combat Weight Gain Due To Medication
You might be abiding by every rule of the diet and workout regimen and in spite of that, you could still be gaining weight. This might be because of the medicines that you are taking for certain health conditions. Some medicines ...
Does Insulin Trigger Weight Gain ?
Insulin, a protein/peptide hormone, is produced in the Islets of Langerhans, the beta cells of Pancreas. Insulin plays a major role in regulating blood sugar levels in the body. It also regulates how our body stores and uses fat and glucose. ...
Does Insulin Causes Weight Gain
How Much Fat Should You Consume Every Day?
Fat is a vital form of nutrient that needs to be present in a perfectly balanced diet. But many people have the opinion that more fat intake leads to obesity and other ailments. So they prefer to eliminate fat totally from ...
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