Why Exercise Is Better Than Dieting

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Is exercise more effective than dieting? Well, if you want to be practical and realistic in your approach, it is a lot better to embrace exercise to shape up than to starve your body and fill your life with frustration.

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Also, dieting doesn't take you anywhere as your success rate of sticking to it is very low. As your body feels hungry all the time, you may quit dieting soon.

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But if you choose exercise, you don't need to deprive yourself of your favourite pleasure which is eating and on the top of that, your body will get its food on time. Also, exercises energise you whereas dieting makes you dull.

Now, let us discuss why exercise is better than dieting...


You Will Be Healthy

Health experts have always maintained that dieting or starving and dangerous. On the other hand, working out is a more realistic approach to lose weight.


You Can Burn Calories

Starving isn't the only way to reduce your calorie count. Exercise can burn calories and still keep you healthy. So, exercise is better.


You Can Eat Your Favourite Stuff

This is one good reason to prefer workouts over dieting. You can happily munch more food without worrying about weight gains.


You Can Nourish Your Body

Dieting involves reducing your intake or consuming only selective foods. That might deprive your body of certain nutrients. But when you avoid dieting and prefer working out, your body can get all the necessary nutrient.


One Fine Day You Will Shape Up

With dieting, you may become skinny but with exercise, you can shape up and look good. This is one of the reasons whyworking out is better than dieting


Your Strength Improves

Exercise improves your strength and this helps you work effortlessly in your daily life. Dieting saps your energy and makes you feel weaker; which is better?


Your Confidence Gets A Boost

Of course yes; a skinny body which is a result of dieting doesn't boost your confidence levels but a shapely body which is a result of workouts can do the job well.

If you know of any other benefits please share them with us.

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Story first published: Thursday, October 22, 2015, 1:08 [IST]
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