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How Alcohol Affects Women's Health

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Today, everyone knows about the effects of alcohol but this didn't reduce the number of people who drink in this world. In fact, the numbers are just increasing. Alcohol harms anyone but this post focuses on how alcohol affects women's health.

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Today, the stress and anxiety levels that the average human being has to experience increased and this has brought alcohol as a coping mechanism into our lives.

Anyone would want to unwind on a glass of wine after a tiresome day.When the consumption is moderate, alcohol seems to minimise the risk of certain diseases related to the heart, diabetes etc, but when consumed excessively, the toxic effects would kill faster than any other health issue that it minimises.

Several studies suggest that the number of women who consume alcohol has just increased. Biologically, women react to alcohol differently and this makes them more vulnerable to the toxic destruction. A study says that women's bodies may retain alcohol for a longer duration compared to men. Also, they may get intoxicated faster than men.

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Well, whether it is due to anxiety, stress, depression or loneliness, drinking alcohol may not be right coping method. Let us study the effects of alcohol on females.


Ageing Effects

Alcohol generally dehydrates women faster as per a study. Of course, you can consume more water to counter that but still the effects show on skin in the form of wrinkles.


Hormonal Issues

A study says that hormones play an important role when it comes to how a woman's body processes alcohol. That is why ovulating women get intoxicated faster. Higher estrogen levels may be the reason. Also, alcohol may further disturb the balance of hormonal levels in women.


Body Weight

Firstly, you might consume more food when you are intoxicated; secondly, your body first metabolises alcohol and postpones the fat metabolism and thirdly, the cortisol levels may increase after consuming alcohol. These are reasons for fat gain in drinkers.


Liver Danage

A study claims that women could be more vulnerable to liver issues and even brain damage. This may be due to the higher fat levels and lower water levels in women. That changes the way alcohol is metabolised in women.



Your body may fail to absorb the nutrients from your food after you drink as alcohol can affect the lining of your stomach. Also, it can cause acid reflux.



Alcohol may disturb your sleep patterns and may also affect your breathing patterns during sleep. This affect is seen more in women.



Women are said to suffer from depression due to excessive alcoholic consumption.

These are some of the effects of alcohol in women. If you know of any, please share them with us.

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Story first published: Wednesday, October 21, 2015, 5:01 [IST]
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