How To Balance Adrenal Glands Naturally

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Your adrenal glands process both cortisol and adrenaline in your body. They play a very important role in your daily life as they decide how well you survive the stress in your daily life. But when these glands become too tired, they experience something called as 'adrenal-fatigue'. It just means that they are exhausted and have over worked.

How To Improve Your Blood

When you undergo stress, these glands secrete certain hormones to help you cope up with the situation. Suppose you are suddenly surrounded by a threat, the hormonal secretion helps you respond. In fact, without those secretions, you won't be able to take immediate action and run away from the danger.

But if these secretions go haywire, that too, when there isn't any threat around, your health goes for a toss. For most of us, perceived threats in the office cause stress. That is when balancing adrenal glands comes into the picture.

Using Exercise As A Medicine

Firstly, you need sleep. Your body needs rest. Also, remember not to over train as that might again stress up your system. Also, consume certain foods to balance adrenal glands. Read on to know more.


Go Caffeine-Free

Its good to totally remove caffeine from your daily life till your system gets back to normal. Studies reveal that caffeine is linked to higher adrenaline and cortisol levels. Try green tea or lemon water.


Consume Whole Foods

If your diet contains junk foods or processed foods then balancing adrenal glands would be difficult for your body. Such foods increase stress on your body. Both refined grains and sugary foods are bad for your adrenal glands. Also, salty foods (processed) are bad. Consume more of leafy greens.


Eat Wisely

In fact, eating too much out of stress causes more stress on your system. When your digestive system gets busy, you tend to feel exhausted if your have noticed. Many people seldom realise that mindful eating can even soothe adrenal glands.


Healing Properties

Your immune system goes weak when your adrenal glands get exhausted. Your body needs some healing properties and that is when you need turmeric, ginger, cinnamon, clove, garlic and peppermint.


Feed Your Body Regularly

Never skip meals as your blood sugar levels may drop and stress levels may increase. Eat small quantities at regular intervals.


Essential Vitamins

It is good to consume more of Vitamin B as it can equip you to face stress with energy. Instead of gulping in a supplement, get your vitamin B from natural sources as this vitamin is essential for hormonal levels, healthy blood and brain function.


Early Dinner

As your body needs a couple of hours to digest food, it isn't advisable to hit the bed soon after your dinner. Your body may struggle a bit as it can't digest and relax at the same time if you try to sleep with a full stomach.

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Story first published: Tuesday, October 20, 2015, 3:01 [IST]
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