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Using Exercise As A Medicine

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It's a fact that food is a medicine. Many people have proved it by consuming natural foods and preventing many health issues. In the same way, even exercise is medicine. It can prevent and cure certain minor health issues and may help you to live longer and stronger.

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Using exercise as a medicine is lot better compared to using prescription medication. There are generally no side effects of exercise.

There are people who successfully cured their health conditions only with exercise. From breathing issues like asthma to depression, exercise can gradually cure certain disorders more efficiently than medicines. On the top of that, there are so many other benefits of exercise that you can enjoy once you start falling in track.

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In this post, let us talk about the medical benefits of regular exercise.


Exercise To Cure Constipation

When you exercise regularly, food passes quickly through the large intestines and this will avoid water absorption. Only when the stools are hard, constipation occurs. Also, exercise can stimulate the muscles around your intestines and make it easier to pass stools.


For Digestion Problems

Improper digestion can be handled by regular exercise as physical activity can keep the digestive system robust. Exercise when coupled with healthy fibre-rich diet can keep most of the digestive issues at bay.


For Breathing Problems

Do you know that there are many people who got relief from respiratory issues and breathing problems after trying cardio and martial arts? Well, your lungs can breathe easy when you work out daily.


For Sleep Disorders And Insomnia

Some exercises like tai chi and even yoga can cure insomnia and enhance the quality of your sleep.



Stress results in increased cortisol levels in the body. Your heart rate, BP and even cholesterol levels get affected with increasing levels of stress. Exercise can be a good stress buster.



Research claims that people who are undergoing treatment for depression generally recover faster when they workout regularly. Also, exercise can prevent depression up to an extent.


Back Pain

Those who are into sedentary jobs generally suffer from mild to severe back pain. Some types of exercises can provide some relief. Stretching often can even prevent such a condition.


Erectile Dysfunction

There could be many reasons for erectile dysfunction. But when the only obstacle is improper blood circulation to the privates, regular exercise can gradually make the situation better if not totally cure it.


Heart Rate Issues And Clogged Arteries

As exercise increases heart rate, many minor problems can be cured effectively. Also, it can make your heart work harder and therefore healthier.

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Story first published: Wednesday, October 14, 2015, 3:06 [IST]
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