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Why Is It Getting Harder To Stay Healthy

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A study revealed that it is harder for us today to maintain a healthy lifestyle than ever. It is not just about eating more and exercising less; we are surrounded by many health hurdles that makes it difficult for us to simply maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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When you compare a person with a set of food habits and exercise habits of this generation to another person of the same habits from the previous generation, you will be surprised to know that the one from the previous generation is healthier. Who is to blame here? Is the modern lifestyle deteriorating our health?

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Well, to put it simply, many factors are contributing to this unhealthy situation. From the usage of pesticides to the usage of many new processed ingredients in our foods coupled with lifestyle changes had made it tough for us to stay healthy. Let us discuss about these factors.


Pesticides In Food

The food we consume today contains pesticides. A study also revealed that mothers who are exposed to pesticides can increase the chances of obesity in children. As pesticides disturb the hormonal balance of the body, several changes may take place.


Changes In The Gut

This may sound surprising to you but the processed food that we take disturb the microorganisms that live in the gut. When the balance is disrupted, many health issues arise.


Sleep Patterns

Some cities seldom sleep today. Humans have increased their nocturnal activity and this has disturbed our sleep patterns to a large extent.


Artificial Sweeteners

Today, the usage of artificial sweeteners has increased a lot. A study says that in the past 50 years, sugar intake has increased dramatically which explains why we are unhealthy today.


Increasing Stress Levels

Today, we are used to multitasking and stress levels but they are the prime contributors of today's weak immunity that we suffer.



Most of us have the habit of popping pills without waiting for the immunity to take over. This has weakened the immunity and moreover the side effects of medications also contributes to the problem.


Sedentary Life

Sitting more and moving less kills. That is what we are doing now! Only an active lifestyle can boost your metabolism and immunity.



Today, the air we breathe, the water we drink and the food we eat- everything is polluted. Amidst all these toxins, isn't it tough for us to stay healthy?

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